Do You Ever Wonder?

Time changes your thought processes, as I age, I often find myself asking, “I wonder why God trusts me enough to allow me to be used as a vessel for Him.” What I mean is, I no longer question God as to why he allows me to go through the things that I do, but as to what message He wants me share with other people along the way.  I am honored and humbled now by the ability to share my life experiences with others. I am always looking for the purpose or “lesson”behind the situation. No matter what the experience, whether good or bad, I learned a long time ago, there is no embarrassment, or shame if it is a less than desirable experience, but as a true opportunity to help others down the road that they will travel. God does not bring a person through something, for that person to keep it all to themselves. Compassion and empathy are truly God’s greatest gifts that we can receive. It is revealed to me daily, as I receive his infinite gift of Grace and Mercy. God tells us that if and when we ask for wisdom, He will give it to us.

James 1: 5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

So when you feel like you are in a stagnant place, sit quietly and pray for wisdom, but also that your purpose is revealed so that you can turn your circumstances into a solution for someone else’s problem.



Teaching: Math’s Inter-connection with the Bible: Teaching from a Biblical Standpoint.

I wrote this post for an assignment at Liberty the other day. I received a lot of feedback from my classmates so I thought I would share.

One of the most interesting facets of thinking of mathematics and where science originated biblically is to look at the Scripture Gen 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Simply look at the numbers to understand that the Bible is truth, and that it is God’s Word written down explains the relation of the number of this scripture. Gen. 1:1- represent the beginning of all, and the number 1 in both the chapter and the verse of Genesis is the first number in our numbers count.  The Greek word for Genesis means origin or birth. (

In retrospect of the reading, it was clear that teaching math to students as well as all other content subjects is truly a teacher’s ministry. The gift that God gave us when he created mathematics not only began with the number concept, but the ability for a student to recall the same consistent pattern as in a formula to results in the math application becoming a formula or application. Not only does God give all of us the ability to comprehend and recall information as in knowledge and wisdom.

When a teacher is able to touch a student’s ability to grasp and engage in active dialogue that reveals their interest and engages them in such a way that they keep and comprehend not just for the moment but in their long-term memory, this is revelation of God’s gift to us.

The four main tactics in revealing math concepts to a student happens when a teacher is able to reword the math presentation, as if taken the math problem of the print of the page and bring it to life. Engagement of the student happens when the teacher not only shares the history of the math concept, as to where it came from, and when it begin, it concludes when the teacher teaches the student how to apply the concept in their everyday real life situation. Finally, when a teacher passes on the concept of math application to the student and it allows the student to better themselves or makes them academically successful, the true gift of “using the concept to explore the aspect of creation has come full circle.


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