Being a Mom is a Challenging Job..

I truly believe that a parent has a lot of responsibility in raising their child. One of the scariest things I realized early on, was that I was directly responsible in having a role and responsibility of raising my child and ensuring that she became a responsible, productive member of society! Whew, that is a pretty deep statement. To realize that you are held accountable and that your impact on your child could be a life saving, growing adventure! I love being a mom, but sometimes it is so hard. To realize your going to make mistakes yes, but to also know that through relationship with your child, you are teaching them how to live life, how to make it, how to love others, and most important how to love God and themselves.
I want to do a good job. I want to know that when its down to the wire, and nobody is looking, that my child is okay, that she is loved, and has the capacity to whole heartily love others. Do I think I am doing a good job? Most of the time. Am I teaching her the right things? I hope so. Most importantly, I am teaching her that God loves her, she is loved, she is wanted and needed! I hope that I can be half the mom that God wants me to be, to know that I love him and want the very best and brightest future for my child, with His direction and His guidance, I will be OK, and so will she! Thank you God for allowing me the honor of raising one of your children, my child.

Treasure the time the Lord gives you with your Children!

April 6, 2010

Treasure the time the Lord gives you with your Children!

I was thinking earlier about how I allow Satan to come in sometimes, and upset the balance of spending quality time with my children. It is often during this special time, that the phone will ring, priorities and tasks get in the way and etc… you get the point, something takes us away from giving our kids our full attention. A is 10 now, and is such a sweet, beautiful girl! E is seven years, and he is so smart, all boy, and yet very sweet and cuddly… Precious times! I absolutely love the age that they are at now, wishing we could stay at this time frame a long while. If you are lucky enough to have children, and they manage to survive the pre-teen and teenager stage, your on your way! My daughter K is finishing up her freshman year at college. This was mind-blowing, for she had never left home before, and now she was out on her own! Who is going to be there to protect her? The most highest Jesus Christ.

I often look around at others, and watch them interact with their families, its a universal thing, no matter what language you speak! The only thing different during this time, is the language we communicate with.

I hope and pray that I never have an tragedies with my children. I just wouldn’t know how to make it…. I often wonder why he takes from some parents, and not others. I cant imagine what my mom went through when she lost my brother at 24 years old……
guess that’s it for now….