Bollings from England

Early Bolling’s from England. (source is unknown).

Bolling Family Lineage
(Although the paternal lineage is well documented, names of spouses are limited. This is due to the records kept regarding the passage of hereditary titles through the males in the family.)
William De Bolling, b. 1140, England
William De Bolling II, b. 1190 in New Hall, England
Robert De Bolling, b. 1220, England, d. ~ 1258, England
John De Bolling, b. ~ 1232
William De Bolling III, b. ~ 1258
John De Bolling II, b. ~ 1284
Robert De Bolling II, b. 1310, Married Elizabeth de Thornton in 1337, d. 1370
John De Bolling III, b. 1340, Married Grace Papeley, d. ~ 1404
Robert De Bolling III, b. 1370, Married Margaret Thornoe, b. ~ 1370
d. Between 1422 and 1431
Robert Bolling IV, b. Bolling Hall, England, Married Isabel Thornton, b. 1468
Tristam Bolling, b. ~ 1490, Bradford, York England, Married Beatrice Caverly, b. ~ 1494
Edward Bolling, b. ~ 1516 in Chellow, England, Married Magdeline Greene, b. 1520
d. 1543 in Chellow, England
Tristam Bolling II, b. 1530, Chellow, England, Married Ann Rooks, b. 1524
d. 1561, Chellow, England
Edward Bolling VI, b. 1560, Chellow, England, Married Jane Green, b. ~ 1564
d. 1592, Chellow, England
Robert Bolling V, b. 1590, Bradford, York, England
Married 1614 to Anne Clark, b. 1590, d. 1639
d. Before 1639, London, England
John Bolling IV, b. 1615, London, England, d. 1684, London, England
Married 23 November 1640 in London, England
Spouse: Mary Carie, b. 1620, d. 11 November 1648
Robert Bolling, b. 26 December 1646, London, England, d. 17 July 1709, Kippox, VA
Came to America 2 October 1660 at age 13
Married Anne Stith.