Loving Your Child Too Much Part One

One of the books that I am reading is about effective parenting. I often blog as I am reading as a way for me to take notes, and then have an opportunity to go back later to review and compare what I learned along the way. I am reading the book “Loving Your Child Too Much” by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Gary Sibcy. (2006). In the first chapter, I have already had my toes stepped on, numerous times I may add! It talks about how we as parents may believe that we are simply loving our children, but in fact exhibit and replicate  overindulging, over protecting and over controlling our children. I have five children, and I can honestly say that I have and still continue to exhibit these behaviors in my day-to-day interactions. What occurs is even though I feel in my heart I love them, and want to protect them results in hurt feelings, anger, and frustration on both of our parts. This is something that I want to change. I can see myself being a “nag” and constantly repeating my requests to them, because I want to ensure that it gets done. I should in fact, say it one time, and then allow them to be responsible for their own actions and complete the task. The goal in this reading is for a healthy love relationship that is balanced and appreciated by all parties. I do not want to exhibit toxic love or in turn create another generation of ineffective relationship building and parenting. We tend to as people repeat what we know, but we have a responsibility once we know something is flawed to fix it so that it will flourish.  I love what the author says, “Embrace the boundless mercy and grace that God gives us. There is no condemnation under Christ Jesus, only a call to grow and show Christ like love to others especially our children.” I will share my notes with you as I read, better yet, get the book and read it with me so we can compare notes!



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