Bubbles and Ducktails



I read an interesting article tonight on an education website geared towards teachers. The article spoke of the importance on teaching structure, consistency, and order in the classroom. It spoke of when children start school they must be taught what is expected of them and that expected behavior needed to be modeled. In order for a class to walk down the hall from one class to another it must be modeled for them of the teacher’s expectation of a straight line (3 S line) and “bubbles” in their mouth. (to be silent). So the saying of “Bubbles and Duck tails” teach children that when they walk down the hall they are still,  quiet and orderly.

The reason for the article below is because I was trying to find the study that coincided with what I remembered being taught long ago, that a child is pretty consistent with his behavior and mannerism’s by about the fourth grade. The FBI did a study on children years ago and established that the fourth grade was the turning point for children. I am not saying by any means that any child cannot change bad behavior, but what I am saying is naturally the fourth grade mark is pretty consistent in what I have seen in elementary school education. I will continue to look for that article on that study, and if you find it please send it to me.

Anyways, I am sharing another good article on children from the FBI website.



You Know That Feeling?

your life message

Remember when you were a kid and you were waiting for something exciting to happen? Whether it was a birthday, Christmas, package in the mail, anything and everything that was exciting and that you were waiting upon its arrival. You remember that feeling of excitement and anticipation of knowing something good was coming, and you watched your anticipation and excitement grow as the days went on. I know I remember that feeling! It was always so awesome, right up until just after you received whatever it was that you were waiting for! I don’t know about you, but for me, it was almost like a let down right after I received whatever it was that I was so impatiently waiting for. It was almost like okay now what, until the next happy moment came about.

What I am talking about is the things that make us happy, most often for the time being. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and plateaus the build from moment to moment, event to event. Every once in a while, I would feel that same “rush” of euphoria, if you will, but not because of something that I was anticipating to happen or receive, but just simply what I would term as “Joy.”  Joy for me comes for no clear reason or object, but simply for the pleasure of just living, experiencing life and all that it entails. Embracing the opportunity to love one another, grow with each passing moments, and ultimately bringing  Glory to God.

Joy in this way of living life, loving, and bringing Glory to God  is my goal to attain daily. It is the little pleasure’s in life that I experience, and enjoy most now, especially the older I get. I don’t strive to be happy, because to be happy is to experience an emotion. Emotions are unreliable and often depend on your circumstances of what is going on around you. I do not want my “center” my “aura” , my “joy” to depend on any other person, situation, material possession, time or place. I want it to just exist because it merely exists, and flows as consistent as time does each day. I want it in my being, I want it to be a part of who I am as a person.

We all can have joy, it is all there for us to have equally. God wants what is good for us and He is ready to give us His precious gifts, but you will not know how to receive His gift, if you do not know Him personally.

Depression Does Not Have To Control Your Life!

This is the personal story of one of my best friends, mother. Her personal struggle, her life…. I share this with hope of helping others.

I am very passionate about depression and mental illness issues. I watched my mother fight for her life every day.   She was a very strong woman in many ways. She got pregnant with my sister when she was 18, and had to drop out of school to raise her on her own. She met my father several years later and they married and had me. She stayed home with us until I started school, then she got her GED and went to school to be a nurse.

My first memories of her battle were when I was still in elementary school. She started the suicide attempts then. My father is a very proud man and didn’t want anyone to know about the attempts, so he always managed to stop her before she could take enough pills to end her life. I remember many times having to take turns walking her through the house to keep her awake and prevent the pills from ending her life. She would start off begging me to let her rest, and then she would sob and tell me that if I loved her I would let her go to sleep. My dad would yell at me and tell me that if I stopped he would beat me with his belt. I knew he would too because he did it quit often.

By the time I started middle school her illness had progressed to the point that my dad could no longer hide it from everyone. She was willingly admitted to many different mental health hospitals, several in Ohio where we live, and once in Chicago. She tried desperately to get the help that she needed to end the panic attacks that by this time were so severe that she was suffering daily. She ended up having 14 electric shock treatments, these didn’t help at all. It wasn’t unusual for her to lock herself in her bedroom closet for days or even at times weeks.

After my sister and I moved out of the house she continued to get worse and worse. She was very skilled at hiding it though so most people had no idea that anything was wrong. She ended up divorcing my father and living on her own. My sister has many of the same issues with mental illness and depression so the care of my mother was often left to me.

I lost track of how many times I had to admit her into mental health to prevent her from killing herself. We were very close. I understood how much she wanted to live a “normal” life. Mental illness and depression have nothing to do with ones strength. You can’t just pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get over “it”

Sunday evening August 30,1998 my mother called me and told me how much she loved me, how proud she was of me for being such a good mother. I knew without a doubt that this was her goodbye. I hung up the phone and sobbed. I prayed and begged God to give me the wisdom to know what to do. I knew that I could rush to her house and sit suicide watch like I had so many other times. But I also knew that she was serious this time. She was a nurse, she knew how much to take to end her life.

The next morning I received a call at work from her supervisor telling me that she didn’t show up for work and they had already drove past her house. She was home but wouldn’t answer her phone or door. With the peace that only God could provide me I told her that I was sure that she was gone, but to call 911 and tell them to force entry if they get there before I did with the key.

I ended up getting there first and fund her in her room. She had cried herself to sleep and her face was frozen in that position. People like to say that whoever ends their life is a coward. I promise you that is very far from the truth. My mother fought harder than anyone that I’ve ever met to get healthy. Making the decision that night to end her life was far from easy. She didn’t want to die, she just couldn’t live any longer with the pain that had consumed her.

If you, or anyone that you know are suffering from mental illness and or depression please don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it. There are so many new medications out there now that can help with the chemical imbalance that causes depression. There are countless ways of receiving help. I’ve found and joined many different facebook groups for the prevention of suicide.

Many times the depression gets so severe that were convinced that no one cares if were alive or not. I’ve been there I know very well that feeling. But I promise you that that is satan causing you to feel that way. God wants to heal you and use your struggle to help others that are feeling the same way.

My prayer is that by sharing my mother’s story I may help someone else that is suffering to know that their not alone. I care about you and will be glad to point you in the right direction to help you take back your life and get the help that you need.

Tracy Green