Asking for Forgiveness

In a study that I am teaching on Faith It came to me lately that sometimes we start things with good intentions, but somehow over time, the core of a vision that you once had for something in the beginning, can result in a completely different reality of what it truly is at the current time. What does that mean? Honestly speaking, sometime ago I started a Women’s Ministry with the intention of it having the core and heartbeat of God and His purposes, but in reality, falling away from His direction and it becoming a fellowship of different individuals, with the emphasis of “self”. I say this from my heart, I take responsibility for this change. It is with open awareness and asking of forgiveness of those whom I may have offended, or interfered with their walk with Jesus. I realize that a true ministry is a ministry of love! It is not a theological statement of beliefs of individuals or of a group, but a ministry of love. It is not driven by having large numbers of members, but of each heart and souls. Whether a ministry is large or small, numbers do not matter. It may be the purpose of God for you to change just one life, not hundreds of people, but what I have realized, if I stay stuck on “me”, I will not even change or help the one person that God has given to me to help.

I have been extremely blessed to get to know some very good, strong, Christian leaders. I have learned so much from so many. I also realize that we all have different styles of leadership, teaching, thoughts and inputs that although are all different, may be gifts from God for certain people that we meet along the way. We will not plant seeds in everyone, or help change their lives for Christ, but the ones that we do touch their lives for the better is pleasing to God. I have also hurt a lot of good leaders. I had been self-centered in thinking, that their style, their teaching may not be the best “fit” for our ministry, and I am truly sorry! It has never been, or will be my ministry. It is not about me, it is about Christ! I have learned that God has touched each of us as people with gifts, experiences, educations, professions, wisdom and it is our responsibility to share with those we come in contact with.

Rick Warren shared a quote once, “Success comes when you do the following, you have a “Great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a great _________________________.”

Ladies, I apologize, I do not ever want to get in the way of God and His working. I want to be an example of love, and I ask you to pray for spiritual growth, maturity, and our purpose. (my purpose). I ask with a humbled heart!