Your Own Personal Ministry

We do not have to be a pastor at a Mega Church to have a ministry. I believe each Christian person in effect has their own personal ministry. It can be as small as one person, (you) or as large as the Lord allows, needless to say, no matter how small or large your ministry is, we all need to do it for the Glory of God.

I love Saddleback Church and their vision with small groups, in fact so much, that I am involved as a Community Leader. I love the leadership and the vision of Rick Warren. I have learned over the years that it really does not matter if you have one person in your ministry or small group, or a thousand, one person is just as important to God as the Ministry with a million members!

Be all you can be for the Glory of God, serve Him with all your heart and passion, and with just one mustard size seed of faith, what God will do with your dreams!

Five Purpose Questions (taken from Saddleback Church, Small Group Ministry , and Rick Warren, for more details and all rights reserved).

Based on how you are living right know, what are you centering your life around? What
is getting in the way of you centering your life on Christ?

How are the relationships in the community of your life? In what ways are you causing
conflict in your relationships?

How do other people see Christ reflected in your character? What flaws in your
character need to be changed?

How are you contributing to the kingdom of God with your life? What is getting in the
way of giving your best contribution of your life to God?

If someone were to look at your life from the outside, how well do you think your life
communicates the Gospel? What in your life holds you back from communicating the
gospel to others?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Share with me!

Could You Live a Lie?

We take for granted so many things in our everyday life in America. The ability to publicly proclaim and worship God is truly amazing! This has not been without a price, many men and women died for our religious freedom. There are so many countries and dictatorships that do not permit such freedom, and persecute and kill human beings daily.

When I read about Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, the Sudanese woman who has been ordered to be put to death for professing that she is a Christian, in a predominantly Islamic country, it was absolutely heart-breaking. To make matters worse, she is also eight months pregnant, and the mother of a twenty month old child with whom is incarcerated with her. The Sudan court also accuses her of adultery, and has sentenced her to one hundred flogs before she is killed. The Court that heard her case is standing their ground, stating that they had previously given her three days to denounce her beliefs in Christianity, and convert back to Islam. She has refused to change her beliefs and is still being held incarcerated.

What would you do? Would you be as brave as she is, knowing your life could possibly be spared? That is a whole lot to think about. I believe that the final outcome would still result in death. To deny Christ, and live a lie to me would be like dying? I couldn’t imagine her pain, and that of her family, but the thought of denying God and his deity would be the same. Pray for this family, and for the country to come to their senses and stop the persecution.