This is Ridiculous….

You know this is absolutely crazy, it has been ten years since Daniel passed away. I have learned to accept and deal with that. He is gone, and I must move on for that’s what he would have wanted anyway. The ridiculous part is every time Elijah leaves the house, I almost fall apart, sometimes I do. I know that I have said I give it all to God, and that if it is his time, its his time. I don’t know why I have such a fear about him leaving me. I probably need counseling or a  big kick in the butt. Either way I have to get over this fear! The craziest part is if something, God forbid did happen, and I was with him I could handle that better. I guess I just watched my mom go through such torment, even to this day, she has and never will be the same! Daniel was only 25, he had so much to live for! But that’s another story….


To have Faith is to trust God, no matter the outcome. It means without anxiety, giving it over to God and letting him handle it. I must admit, alot of times, I will say I give it to you Lord, then turn around and take it right back. Often I take it back, without God even having the chance to handle it. What does it mean to me, to have Faith? It means not worrying about the things I cannot control, and even the things that I can. It means trusting God enough and accepting and trusting that His decisions are always right.

It means that the promotion that my husband should get and hasn’t yet, may not be in the best interest of our family. God knows everything. Sometimes he withholds something for various reasons; knowing it’s not up to me to decide if its the right decision.

The worst thing I can do is say that I have faith, and not trust Him. The Word says that a man without faith is unstable! I refuse to  give in to the enemy, no matter what it takes, how I feel (knowing that feelings are the last thing I should rely on).or what I think period. God is in control, and with that, I am going to let Him be!

What an Incredible Gift!

You know I was thinking about how loved we truly are to have the access to one on one time with the Father! Hebrews 12 has been on my mind today, so I decided to dive into it, and really get the meaning behind it The sub-title “call to endurance” really touched me. I have always thought of myself as a strong beginner of something but not so much when it comes to finishing something! This Word of ensuring that we run, experience all that God has for us,  and keeping Him in our sights among the many distractions we will face. There is so much to this Word, so much like life, things happening at an amazing rate in which confusion can lead to distraction. It is so important to take the Word that your given, your Rhema, if you will and really study and saturate what He is telling you. It is a life lesson, not only for yourself, but most likely a message for someone else. God is good at using other people to get His Word or point across! So with each new day I am giving, each new opportunity to share, I pray that God give me wisdom and discernment to do His Will.
Think about this, you never know that what you do or say to another person, may be the very word that they need to hear!

Peace to you all.


I am so excited to say that I have had more teaching opportunities. I am leading two online bible studies, and teaching a local ladies group as well. It is such a blessing to see Jesus in the lives of others. It encourages me along my walk as well.  I have been accepted into the Master’s Program at Liberty for Religious Education. I am really excited about that!

Well I just wanted to check in, I have a few preparations to make for my classes.


Summer of Promise by Amanda Cabot

Summer of Promise is a new Christian Fiction with a theme of  the growth of a sibling relationship and falling in love. Abigail Harding the main character is planning an exciting summer trip to see her older sister Charlotte in Wyoming.

Her relationship with Lt. Ethan Bowles is anything but normal, the adventures that they share traveling is sure to keep your attention and excitement.

This is a great book that you will not want to put down. Amanda Cabot is an author who makes her characters come alive, and is writing a series of this book, this being the first one.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing. I encourage you to read all the Amanda Cabot books, as well as many other great books from Revell.