God, Can I Ask You Something? Spiritual Journey 3 (I Think)…Holiness

God, it’s me again…. Can I ask you something? Why is it so hard to be good? I mean really. I am talking about the good that I need to be, to be in your presence? Not just nice every once in a while, or saying hello to the neighbor. But on that deep core level, the conscious, the character. Do you think because I obviously struggle, and was never aware how much I struggled, until I really tried…. Does this make me a bad person? Let’s be real… I am having a hard time being nice!

I am reading the Bible, alot! Not just for my assignments, but getting into it you… As you know, I am reading about 15 books at a time, but one of the ones I am reading now, ” A Woman’s Journey toward Holiness.” by Sheila Cragg talks about  Holiness in Chapter one. Week one, states “Respond to Christ’s Call to be Holy.

“But just as he who called you is Holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: Be holy, because I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:15-16.

She starts by talking about a locked door, and fumbling with the key and lock trying to open. She writes, “an ordinary experience, such as trying to unlock the door, may be the means by which the Lord makes Himself known to us. God is knocking, wait… I haven’t straightened up the house yet!

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” Rev. 3:20

Reality check: God is knocking, but you may not be ready. It’s a good thing, God will meet us right where we are at, and is Patient! But he doesn’t change his standards. We have to be up to His Standards.

The book goes on to say, that we will know its Him knocking, by the fact once we open the door, He isn’t expecting perfection, but a simple humble, and honest asking of , “Lord, help me to be the godly person you desire to me to be.” If your like me, you may be still waiting for the list of standards to be passed around, all joking aside, you may not have a clue whats next~

Attempting to lead a holy life is similar to the lock that is stuck or difficult to operate. There are those who have no problem and move right through the process, and those that may struggle a bit. It’s okay.. Keep trying!

“Once we get that door open, we will realize that Jesus has been speaking to us all along, through His Word, or a persistent spiritual yearning. He is making us aware of our need for a deep personal communion with Him, awakening within us the desire to become more like Him and our longing for a deeper devotional life.” (emphasis mine.)

The Word says, “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened.” (Matt 7:7)

What do you say once the door is opened? I am asking for a desire to be Holy (getting real here, there are days, I don’t even want to be), seek after a fruitful, spiritual filled life. Knock until, “the door of your heart opens to the Lord.” Letting Him come in and transform my life.

One final note for today, the book brought up a good point that I was just thinking…. OK, for me, I will have to open the door a few times! It addresses that issue! It states, “To lead a holy life, we need to keep on turning the key, keep on listening for the click until the key catches, and keep on pushing the door until it opens. How many times do we unlock doors in our lifetime? We must repeat the process of seeking to lead a holy life time and time again.”

Ok, I am going to break that down for you, its more than a “several times in a lifetime” thing for opening the doors, it is a daily, minute by minute conversation with God sometimes, “ok, I am here again, Help me!” God is so good, as many times as I have had this conversation with Him, he has never gotten impatient or harsh with me. It has always been me, being harder on myself than need be!

Back tomorrow, for the continuation on this lock thing, next  it will go into, “Receiving God’s Grace.”

Until tomorrow,

Cousins, and more cousins….

Researching the Bowling’s is turning out to be very interesting. Benjamin Bolling had several children. One of his sons James Bolling Bowling married Sarah “Sally” Blevins whose son Christopher was the father to Catherine “Kettie” Bowling. Kettie Bowling married Jason Walker Bowling, who was the son of Jesse Boyd Bowling whose grandfather Rev. Jessie Bowling was the brother to “Kettie’s grandfather.

To make it more interesting, Albert Sidney Bowling, the son of Jason Walker Bowling and Kettie Bowling. married Callie Spicer Bowling, who is the daughter of Anderson R. Bowling, who is the son of Delaney Bowling. Delaney’s father Elijah is also Jason’s grandfather.

My Spiritual Journal Day 2

Well today, I believe was not any better than yesterday, except maybe worse! It seemed like I was yelling at the kids all day long! I don’t think that this would qualify for a “What would Jesus do, moment.” I believe that this turmoil is to keep me off task of what I am trying to do. If I can keep my eyes on him, long enough to work through the drama, I will only build stronger and more durable! Right now, it’s not one of those days!

What do I really want to do? Dive into His Word and learn all about him, getting to know him. I just started an Inductive Bible Study Class, that is suppose to help me, dig deeper into the Word at a much more sincere gesture!

Watched on the news tonight about a tornado that hit in Joplin, Missouri killing 116 people. It seems like the world is getting more and more tragedies, more frequent, and more severe.

Think I need to dig into Revelations, and find out what is going on!

My Spiritual Journal Day 1

I have been thinking for some time, how I wished that my relationship with God was closer. I know that He loves me, and I realize that the limitation is on my end. He is open and willing, and standing right there for me, but I am not near where I want to be. I envy those I know who seem to have a great relationship with God, you can feel the inner peace and warmth all around them. I want that Peace!

It’s amazing, I am a University student majoring in Biblical Studies, but I don’t have a relationship? I wonder why? I know plenty of “book smarts” about the “religion” but I want a love that is so deep, that there is not another person that I would need to have in my life, but HIM!

I will journal daily where I am at, and where this journey is leading. All I know right now, is it is alot harder to be “good” that what I am comfortable with.
Here we go…. Day 1

What If?

I just was having a passing thought that I am so blessed to know of Jesus. What if I lived in a country that didn’t even know he was, or worse yet, knew who he was, and forbid us to love him? I can’t imagine not having the freedom to read my Bible, and sadly, I must admit I was ashamed to read the Bible in public here in the US, for fear of what people would think?! Wow, who care’s anyways? Those who give you a hard time about reading the Bible, are the one’s we are commanded to share His Word with.

Now that I am a University student majoring in Biblical Studies, I must admit, I am missing something; something that I don’t know how to obtain, but feel like God and I could be alot closer. Understand this, this is my fault. He is open, and willing, and standing there with His arms wide open. Is it satan holding me back, or is it me? Is it an addiction, or fear of having to do what my flesh doesn’t want to do. Sounds to me like selfishness. It’s funny it probably is selfishness, but I want so badly to have the relationship with Jesus. It sounds to me after reading this, that the problem is me, and what am I going to do about it. What if I change? I know I will have what I am looking for, love!
What If? What do you think?

Self-Empowered or Spirit-Filled? An Article by Zondervan

Self-Empowered or Spirit-Filled?
Can I make a small confession? Every once in a while when I’m at the gym I’ll be using some weight equipment where you determine how much weight you’ll be lifting by moving a stopper up and down on a set of weights … But when I get up to leave, do you know what I do? I nonchalantly move the stopper from forty pounds to around seventy pounds so the next person will surely think to himself, That guy’s got some impressive triceps …That’s what we do most of our lives — we try to reinforce this perception that we really are strong…
In Paul’s Second letter to the Corinthians he spoke about how acknowledging our weakness makes room for Christ’s power [see 2 Cor. 12:9-10]. [Also, Paul reminds followers in Galatia] who had stopped living in the Spirit’s power and had started to depend on themselves how foolish that is … “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Gal. 5:25). The picture is of someone walking, and every step they take, they take in the Spirit…
Being filled with the Holy Spirit is often thought of and talked about in a very ethereal way while following Jesus seems to be more physical. I wanted to find a way to better explain or illustrate what it looks like when … a follower is filled with the Holy Spirit. I asked my Facebook friends to finish this sentence for me, “By the power of the Holy Spirit…” Within twenty-four hours I had over 100 responses:

I finally forgave my dad…
I lost 150 pounds and quit smoking…
We have adopted two boys from Ethiopia…
I am four years sober…
I am able to raise my special needs child, even as a single mom…
My marriage was saved…
My child returned home after three years of silence…
I found peace when my husband passed away and I thought my life was over…

Story after story from followers who are filled with the Holy Spirit … What’s your story?
Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus, by Kyle Idleman
Q: “By the power of the Holy Spirit, I was able to __________.” Share your story on Facebook

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