Tried Out A Local Church

We have been going to CRC forever, but the unfortunate part as that even though we LOVE the church, it is about an hour away, so a Sunday Church Day is an all day affair! I wanted the kids to be more active and attend church on a regular basis, so I thought we would try out a local church, Baptist Church. It was a very nice church, they have a lot of activities for the whole family. AWANA for the kids on Wednesday, Ladies and Men’s Bible Studies and Sunday School/ Bible Study before the actual Church service! We will attend the weekly activities and plan on attending 2 Sundays there, and two across the water to CRC.

Well that’s the plan for now anyways, I don’t care as long as I am getting the Word in a Live Church!

I don’t know if I told you, but I am a full-time student at Liberty University, working on my BS in Religion. I am going to look into Seminary Schools as well. Studying the Old and New Testament now. Love it!

Hope you have a great week!


My Family and I Went to See the New Narnia Movie!

If you haven’t already seen the newest Narnia movie, it is really good! The theme of God, Heaven, Angels, Evil Temptations, it is truly like the rest of the movie’s a great teaching tool for your children! I loved the Lion that reflected God, I couldn’t possibly think of a better reflections, It teaches by using 7 swords for completion, Blue Star representing Angels, a green mist to define evil!

Let me know what you think about it.