The First Snow of the Year

Wow, it’s actually snowing n Virginia. Very small, light snow, that of course is not sticking, but nevertheless, it’s snow! I can’t believe that we are winding down another year, time waits on no one, that’s for sure. So many things I need to do, plans, goals, and objectives to be met! I do not want my desires of planning, goals, becoming extremely organized to fall on deaf ears, so I must be really diligent about making sure it happens, not doing like I usually do, and making a long list that sits in my planning book. We are leaving for the Bahama’s on December 13th, yes I know, wow, perfect timing! A well needed break for everyone going! We invited my mother and Anthony’s mother to go with us, my mom couldn’t make it, but Anthony’s mom is going!

I have started writing a book, moving very slowly, and letting the Holy Spirit lead me in direction and what to write, again, I need to be more focused and work on it daily. I feel so much better about myself when I am on task, and organized. I guess it is a little bit of OCD kicking in, but hey, whatever works!

Anthony wants to sell the house, and move in six months. That’s all good, but actually that means, Traci will do all the preparations, like usual! Not complaining, I am blessed to have such a good husband who has the ability to make these dreams, true and factual, when he says he wants to do something, it will happen.

Well Kate is getting ready to come home for the holiday break, can’t wait! Kody is turning 18 in 4 days! Wow I can’t believe it!

Time to get out the Christmas cards, and in the mail, another one of my tasks on my list!

Until Next Time,

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