Can Anyone Relate?????

I just started teaching a Bible Study in my Ladies Bible Study Group called “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl “, by Lysa Terkeurst.

I have the biggest fear of losing either my husband or any one of my children. I guess you can say that I am, “freaked out”, about the prospect of aging. I wish that time could stand still right now, and nobody in the family would get older! Crazy, I know but real, at least for me!

This bible study is so interesting, the author talks in detail about , “Letting go of your fears,” and learning to trust God. It’s also about developing a relationship or friendship with God our Father.

Really neat, I encourage you to get the book!

Ali’s 11 Years Old Today…..

Wow, I cant believe that my little girl is turning 11, just seems like yesterday I was bringing her home! We t ook Ali to get her Ipod Touch, Roller Skates, and two pairs of Earrings that she wanted! Next weekend we are going camping with four of her girlfriends! That’s going to be exciting!  Just wanted to share her day…