I have to share with you, a FREE online bible that is Awesome!


I really love this program, and best of all, it is free! It allows you to compare different versions of scripture at one time. The name of the program is E-Sword, google it for the website! It also has different maps, concordance, dictionary and so much more!
Let me Know what you think.

Vacation Bible School

I remember as a child, looking so forward to attending VBS. I use to go about every summer for years, up to sixth grade! Now I have children that also love it, and look forward to attending 3-4 every summer.

Today was the last day of their VBS that they attend every year, offered by the Chapel on the military bases. She was so proud that she received “first place” for memorizing bible scriptures in one week, there was five of them.

It is so cool to see your kids love Jesus! I know personally he has brought me out of some real messes, that I got myself into…. I remember as a child, being scared of the dark, so I would take the bible to bed with me, and feeling safe…. Wow, he is Awesome!

Looking around today at all the children who attended VBS, I realized that some of the children’s only experience with church is that, VBS!

Well, love to hear from all of you, your experiences with VBS, and what it meant to you.


Cool Website for Bloggers interested in making money!

I love to blog, and I also love to make money, legitimately of course! I found this website http://walletboosters.com/ that I think is so cool. If you are interested in working from home, product testing, or blogging for dollars; I encourage you to check this out.

I have signed up for more product testing for blogging than anything else. This is where they send you the product to check out, and most of the time you get to keep it. There are several companies listed on this website, that are looking for testers.

Yesterday I was a busy girl, I signed up for so many, I dont even know what all I signed up for. I will update you to advise you, if I really made any money.


Elijah’s Modeling “Gig” ….

I had always wondered what happened during a modeling “shoot”, well Ej went on his first one today! This assignment was relatively easy I assumed, it was for a swim wear/ pool product company. The photographer and production staff flew out from California, and were spending a week out here to photograph various models of all ages. The girls were photographed in the morning, and the little boys followed up in the afternoon! Boy, were they shocked! The girls were sweet and orderly, and the boys were busy and rowdy!

Talk about stress and pressure! Oh my, this company was paying these children over one hundred and something dollars an hour, so of course, every little thing he did, I was busy in the background shaking my head, telling him no, and constantly saying pay attention, listen! I am exhausted! Ej had a great time, splashing in the water, swimming, playing with the product toys, and to top it off he cashed in on our bribe of Pokemon cards and Bakkugans!

I don’t really know if I am good with this, it was a lot of pressure on the kids to be little adults. Ej missed school today, including his awards ceremony. I thought about it today as he was playing, and I was stressing…. sometimes it’s okay just to be a kid!

I have no idea what the client told our agency, I know that they thought Ej’s pictures were good, they did say that…. but it will be very interesting! I will let you know, as soon as I find out!