I found a Great Bible Study for Women!

I am so excited to finally have found a bible study just for me! We are also doing one of the Deeper Still’s Bible Study Series which is awesome. I am learning to have a God Centered Life. Instead of the normal visit with God on Sunday, like I am going to visit a friend, to a Living, God that is inside me helping me along every minute of my day! What a relief, to finally learn to give all to him! Its not easy, i get distracted very easily, and want to do it my way but I am getting stronger with this minute by minute.
I just wanted to share….

A New Blog Journaling the Steps of My Christian Faith

I have statrted a blog about what it is like for me daily to walk in my Christian Faith. Just wanted to share what I learn, my notes, (good references) and the Love that has been rekindled. I feel such an inner peace and simplicity in my life right now. The link is http://thewordasilearnit.blogspot.com.

Today I learned a valuable lesson…..

Today was one of the most important days for one of my children, her baptism and an important part of my family wasnt there by his own choice. I dont know why he decided not to go, and it blew me away because I knew of how important this event was to have been but it made me realize, the abnormal dependence I had on this person. God showed me today that He was the real God, the one who we are to depend on, and who will never let us down. I had placed very unreal, unfair “godlike” expectations on this person, who was just as human and frail as a human as I. God showed me today, that instead of searching for 1oo self help books on “how to read the bible” to pick up the bible and actually get the “real deal.” and read it myself. I looked around my room to see all the books that I have, and most of them are other Christian Authors interpretation of what the word has been placed in their heart. I do believe that we should read and review other people’s work, and pick up things that we may be lacking. I believe that Bishops and Pastor’s are used as vessels to hear and give us the Word from God, but too often we place unrealistic expectations on them as well. I am learning although today was sad, I get it God. I got the message. I love you.

Becoming A Kingdom Woman

I wanted to share with you notes from my church, Calvary Revival Church… http://www.crcglobal.org. Bishop Courtney McBath. These are from his sermon.
If you would like to actually hear the sermon, here is the link

Pt 4: Don’t Just Be A Woman…Be A Kingdom Woman

Notes taken from Joshua 2: 1-13

Bishops starts out by addressing the common view that is placed upon woman, “basically based on preference and opinion, not on truth and principle.” What does that mean to me? It makes me think that others view woman as somewhat shallow, and superficial. Bishop McBath explains this further by stating ” Too frequently the discussion of woman, is based on the lines of hair, dress, personality, and mannerisms.” Jesus never view woman as having these qualities, in fact, he went on to talk about the value, redemption and faith of kingdom woman.

It doesn’t surprise us that Rahab the harlot was the original kingdom woman in spite of or possibly because of her influential profession.

What are the characteristic of a Kingdom Woman?

1. Kingdom woman know how to pick a winner!
You change the way you pick your friends.
You change the way you pick who you love.
You change the way you choose a church.

2. Kingdom women know how to negotiate.
When you put God first, expect a blessing! MT. 6.33
When you connect with His Kingdom it saves your life.

She wasn’t religious, she was desperate to save her family!
Negotiate for more than just you- family!

Don’t Just be a woman… Be a Kingdom Woman.
Joshua 2.1-13

Hebrew 11:30-31. By faith Rahab the harlot did not perish along with those who were disobedient, after she had welcomed the spies in peace.

3. Kingdom women know what to say and when to say it. (verses 3, 4)
She was at war for her life with her enemy!

It doesn’t need to be justified what she did- God put her on the roll call of Faith! Sarah, Moses’s mother and women in general were applauded.

She used her words to turn her enemy around.

When you speak the word of faith, you turn the enemy around. You say what you believe, not what you see.

Kingdom women know how to protect the vision- words!

4. Kingdom women know how to get what they need from God! James 2:25-26

Verse 25 states, “In the same way, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way? 26. For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.

Kingdom women know how to stay connected to God! Mt. 15.26

No man ever came to Jesus after being called a dog!

Rahab became a Jewish proselyte because the God who saved her life deserved her allegiance!

Kingdom women will talk to him about what they don’t understand. Jn. 4.7

No man ever argued with Jesus one on one!

Kingdom women put actions with their talk! Mt. 9.20

No man ever crawled to Jesus!

Joshua 2:18-19

“18, unless, when we come into the land, you tie this cord of scarlet thread in the window through which you let us down, and gather to yourself into the house your father and your mother and your brothers and all your father’s household.” NASU

Notes prepared by Bishop Courtney McBath
Calvary Revival Church

Generational Curses

I am reading a really good book right now about How to break Generational Curses in your family. The name of the book is “Break the Generation Curse”, simply written by Marilyn Hickey. I had often thought that there must be some sort of curse in my family, why else would there be 9 generations of male alcoholics in my family? Thats an aweful lot, but I had often wondered why the women really werent affected by Alcohol, but then I realized that alot of the woman in my family had abused medication. I started reading in the bible about curses in Deuteronomy 27 & 28 about the different types of curses, and who actually brings on these curses. Is it God? I wanted to know. It stated in the book, that one of the big curses comes from people who rebel against their parents. I know for me, I did alot of rebelling while I was a teenager, but I think it really means something deeper than that. There is also a curse on cruelty: “Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way.” Deuteronomy 27:18. This is where the curse of violence is started. No wonder the “secular” world even realizes that most abuse is past down from generation to generation, alcohol, sexual, and violence.

But how do we fix this and bind these generational curses? The bible plainly states in Matthew 12:29, “or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house. Note that in this scripture, house can mean generation.
So as Mrs. Hickey states, ” In order to break the curse of the generations behind us- their habits, sins, physical weaknesses- you have to go in and bind the strong man who has brought that curse from generation to generation.” Who do we call the strong man in this, Satan is he.
What does she say to say to the devil? You tell him, ” My generation doesnt belong to you because and here is the Key. I bind you in the Name of Jesus, and your not going to do it. See the key is to break that curse, In the Name of Jesus. Jesus gives us much more authority over the devil, than most people realize.
Dont however, expect the Devil to just “go away, because you binded him, he will come again over and over, and you must stand firm, and keep sending him away. You need to have on your armor for Spiritual Warfare all the time! Remember the Devil will try to put a curse on you again and again, but tell him “hey, I am not under the curse, Im under the blood of Jesus.” Head him off at the pass, and dont buy into it.
I must warn you that the Devil will come back and bring with him Seven Spirits, Matthew 12:43-45, the last spirit being the worst than the first, he will head for your children. He has been in your family generation an aweful long time, and he is not likely to just walk away because you broke the curse. Warn your children, that this is coming, and do not let the devil in, remember this is your house, and not his. Don’t let your kids get into alcohol or drugs or immorality and all that other stuff… Keep them close to you, and know what they are getting into… and if you “train up a child the right way, he will go back to what he knows…….

Notes from Pursuing Promises from God

These are the notes that I took from the sermon this morning, By B. Courtney McBath from crcglobal.org . My hope is that something along these words, will be something that your soul needs to hear.

I learned any Vision on your own is probably not from God, because he needs to be in it.
We do however, need to get Passionate about something. The same way as you give, you get back. So Give with Passion. The more excited you are about giving to God, he returns it back to you. Heaven is fine in the Recession. The Father is at Peace, we need to be at Peace too.
This weeks notes addresses Mark 5, the story of the woman who had bled for twelve years, and due to her faith was healed when she touched the Cloak of Jesus’s hemline. Wow, what a frigtening time that must have been for her, to Boldly step out of her faith and reach out to the Jesus. After twelve years, she was pretty convinced that walking in Faith’s alternative was alot better than were she was currently at.
In reference to last weeks teaching on the Parabel Son, when he was eating the pig slop, he came to himself. Even the Slaves in my daddy’s house eat better than this.
Think Up- thoughts that take you down, or back, must change your thought patterns. Thoughts destroy him, if we don’t adjust the way we think.
Recognize that once you come to Jesus, you dont have to take stuff from Devil. It’s also the way you think about yourself
Learn to Look UP- After thinking and looking UP you have to change UP. This has to come in the way we learn to think differently.
The true meaning to worshiping is humbling yourself- get down, not down on yourself but to a position of humbleance. The plan of the enemy is to make you think either too much or not enough of yourself. Remember, a phony humility is also a form of Pride. Humbling puts you in a place where you can walk out the promises God gives us.
In reference to Act 12, Paul said the “things that I want to do, I don’t do them, and the things I shouldnt do, I do…..” (author’s paraphrase). Paul just like I and you, fought with his Flesh and the Spirit.
Remember, the one who get’s stronger (i.e. your flesh or your spirit) is the one that you feed. If you feed the Spirit, by reading the Word, and soaking it in like the warm sun . Your Spirit will grow. Your Spirit builds up confidence, but don’t doubt for one moment that your Flesh will not rear up and act crazy again, for it will. Just keep feeding the Spirit, so when the flesh does act out, your Spirit is the stronger opponent. The Power of the Spirit, must keep the flesh down, for the flesh is always hungry. Your Spirit is willing but your flesh, keeps fighting.
Your Faith….
Faith will unlock your promises.
Where does Faith come from? In Romans 12;3 God gives everyone a measure of Faith, but how much Faith you have is based on what you have been doing with it? Ephesians 2:8-9 states ” for by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of Works, lest anyone should boast.
How did you get saved if you didnt know any better? The Spirit of God touched the gift of Faith in your life, to get you saved….. You already had the seeds planted within.
So then as I learn to trust God, I open promises in my life cause you get to know him, and know what words he has spoken. When you hear the Word, Faith and the Word, plus Worship is life changing. You hear and receive the word. When the Word comes in, it teaches you who God is, for it makes you know God better, and the more you can trust in him. Trust becomes real after time.
Faith is knowing who he is, the Word changes you.
Dont compare yoiurself to others, for you dont know where they are at, and Jesus looks at the heart not on the external. If you want to compare yourself, compare and try to mimic Jesus….
Faith Grows when you exercise, Romans 4:21. An exercise of Faith causes strength to increase. I dont know about you, but I don’t feel like continuously going through the same old stuff.
Repetition, it does not matter how heavy the weights are when you exercise, what matters more is how many repetitions are you doing, or how much toning are you doing? Tone yourself up now, so when the enemy comes in, your toned up and ready, loaded with the Word , and in Jesus’s name.
Faith is real, when you feel like being nasty or not forgiving, you continue to say yes to God, even when you don’t feel; like it. You deal with the ugliness, and keep saying Yes! So when your blessing does come, you are ready for it. Remember Professional Boxer’s do not get stronger by boxing, its the behind the scene exercising, toning, and repeations that they are doing that make them strong.
How is faith released? Declare what God says in his Word, that you have been studing. Make a statement of Faith, not in the President, or Congress, or the World Leaders but in the Living God.
Remember in Genesis, God spoke the world into existance, The light was the first thing that he called, days before the sun was even created.
Learn how to speak into Situation, you can delcare in the name of Jesus based on his Word.
Remember, sometimes you have to Worship in your tears, but he hears you and is listening….. Have Faith, and keep moving forward.
Psalm 27