Today I had to take Elijah to the Dentist.

Elijah had to go to the dentist today, they found a cavity growing on the side of his tooth, where the gum line hid it. He had to have it pulled. I was really worried that he would not do well, so in order to avoid a traumatic, I need therapy for life reaction; the dentist sedated him. He just sat in the chair, and actually fell asleep during the procedure. After that, we went to Chick Fillet, and got him a homemade milk shake, yum. A trip to Target in the toy section, helped him feel much better as well.

On another note, we picked up our RV tonight. It needs a transmission put in it but other than that, we will be ready to go… So excited about it…

Well I guess thats enough for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Wisdom to understand your man…. A reading

I am reading Debi Pearls book, “Created to be his Help Meet..” I am currently in chapter eight, which the title reads, “Wisdom to Understand your man.” The side comment on the chapter states, ” A wise woman learns to adapt to her husband.” Wow

Anthony and I have been together a decade, and I can honestly say that to me previously, my thoughts were, “He is just so complicated, I don’t understand him.” When actually, the author goes on to describe generally three types of men. It stood out clear as day for me, Anthony is a Mr. Command Man… The authors states that these men are born with a great share of dominance, and are natural born leaders. The are great commanders, and their main goal is to get a job completed with precision, and often do more than is required of them.

Mr. command man is often known for expecting their wives to wait of them hand and foot, and more often they do not want their wives to be involved in projects that would interfere with taking care of them. They expect extreme loyalty, faithfulness, love and obedience. Often as the military perfects, a Command Man see’s the bigger picture and strives to help the greater number. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.

The author goes on to say, that if a wife learns to enjoy the benefits of taking the second seat, and if she does not take offense to his headstrong aggressiveness, she will be the one sitting at his right side being adored, because this kind of man will totally adore his woman and exalt her. After all these years, I finally got it, Anthony treats me like a Queen, and there is nothing that I want, that I don’t already have. Like I said before, he adores me and protects us all from any and all harm.

I dont understand why it took so many years for me to get this, the first few years, since I was a single mom, it seems like all we did was bump heads. I was too independent, and often did what was good for me, and not for the benefit of the family.

It is my hope and prayers for us as woman of the home, to get to know early on what makes our man tick, and what is relevent for maintaining your home in harmony. I have found out that there is really not any Titus 2 woman out there, that I have met that have been willing or able to guide me.. Most of the things I have learned, have been trial and error……..

I hope that this can help others understand how to make their family run more peacefully….. Marriage is alot of work…but it is well worth the fight.

The Movies tonight….

Anthony and I decided to get out of the house tonight, and take the kids to the movies. There was four of us, and we went to see the G Force, 3D disney…. well tickets for two adults and two kids, came to 46.00! We then went to the popcorn line, and bought two kids popcorns, and a med. soda and popcorn that Anthony and I shared, another 25.00, cant believe how expensive it was… So we watched four hampsters scurry around trying to save the world… in 3D… amazing. lol

I have decided to be more organized, because I can never find anything in my file cabinet when I need it, so I started scanning everything and their momma, so now I have disks labeled 1,2 etc.. with a list to note what is on each disk…wow.

Well getting ready to go to Facebook, check in later.

Beginning of the Week…..

Well as you know, we still have a full house. Katelyn is, I am sure of it, preparing to pack up for her college dorm. The little one’s and I are going to register for soccer today. Alexis has played on the same coach’s team for the last three to four seasons. For youth soccer, this coach is awesome. She played soccer in school, and has taught all of the players several positions. When Alexis is ready for high school, she will be ready to play, for they have been taught on a high school level for the last couple of years. The team only lost one game last year. We are excited!

On another note, the grand babies are here with us for the summer. It has been nice for the kids to be able to see each other, and play together.

Well got to get the day started, Kate and I are going to go to a few Thrift Stores today, a big garage sale! What fun to find bargains…….
Talk to you later…

Went to Kate’s College Orientation

Left last night about 8:30 pm and arrived in Norton about 3:30am. It was in the mountains and was a long drive. Anthony drove thank God, for the hills and the curves were incredible. If I could see it, I would have probably freaked…LOL…. He is such a good guy, always manages to get things done, and people taken care of.

Kate stayed at the school, and we just all chilled and relaxed at the hotel, spending good time together.

Will post some pictures, about our trip….

Taking Kate to Orientation for School

Well today is the day we leave to take Kate to school. She is going to
get her schedule, follow up w/financial aid, see the school dorms, and
everything to wrap it up. She is excited, and I guess I am for her. It is
always difficult for me when one of my children, “leave the nest.”

You wonder as a mother, did I tell her everything that I should have
to keep her safe? Is she going to use the common sense, that I drilled
into her over the years about locking doors, not putting her drink down,
walking after its dark, and on and on…….. I sure hope so……

I hope she makes good choices, and manages her money well. She will
still have my support, and I will over see her finances, but this is it for
her. I am only going to do this her first year, next year she will manage
it all.

I hope that I have instilled good values for her, and I especially hope
that I have planted the seed of belief in God and faith. Lord knows
there will be time when that is all that will pull her through…

I love my daughter, but now its time to let go…..

We have been home almost a week.

Well we are settled back home from vacation, and I havent written anything lately so I thought I would send an update. The kids have been busy with VBS, and are loving it…. I have been finishing up the painting on the house and doors, what fun!

The grandkids are going to spend the summer with us, Dani has to go to school, so Ali and Ej are going to have a blast! I will keep them all busy this summer, so they dont drive me crazy!

Well I guess that is all I have for now, until next time.